The iPhone 15 will bring a long-awaited improvement in RAM memory

The iPhone 15 will bring a long-awaited improvement in RAM memory
the iphone 15 will bring a long awaited improvement in ram

The iPhone 15 will bring a long-awaited improvement in RAM memory

One of the great virtues of Apple’s iOS operating system is that it consumes a small amount of RAM. This has allowed the Cupertino company not to have to include a large amount in the iphone, with the consequent savings in manufacturing (and without users having a bad user experience). Well, it seems that the firm is going to take a big leap with the arrival of the new 2023 models.

The current models of the Apple range include 6GB of RAM. This is an appropriate figure for the times, and it has remained unchanged since the iPhone 12 was launched on the market. Therefore, it is normal for an increase to occur because, possibly, some functions of the operating system will be more demanding to work with (and, furthermore, so that there is no bottleneck in the communication between this type of memory and processor). Consequently, this is clearly a success.

How much RAM will the iPhone 15 have?

The data that has been published regarding the improvement of this section of the phones of the North American firm indicates that it will skip to 8GB, so we are talking about a considerable change taking into account how Apple usually acts in everything that has to do with RAM (which is not the same as in Android, where manufacturers constantly increase the amount). But, yes, it seems that this advance will be initially reserved for Pro modelsso that would be another difference from basic devices.

Dynamic Island on an Apple iPhone

Another thing that has also been indicated is that the company with the bitten apple will use a RAM type LPDDR5, so also the type of memory used would have been better because it is faster than the one currently integrated in Apple phones. Therefore, the performance improvement will be evidentsomething that surely makes many opt for this range of products despite the fact that its price will be higher.

Other innovations that are expected in this year’s models

Apart from the one indicated above, it is certain that the new iPhones will have a USB Type-C charging port, due to the requirements of the European Union. In addition, Dynamic Island is expected to be part of the entire product range, not exclusive to the Pro. On the other hand, everything indicates that the A17 Bionic processor from Apple itself and, perhaps, the physical side buttons are history to make way for solid ones that would be tactile. As always, we will have to wait for the arrival of the month of September which will be when the firm announces its new smartphones.


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