The iPhone 15 Pro will have an improved design in its frames and the camera

The iPhone 15 Pro will have an improved design in its frames and the camera
the iphone 15 pro will have an improved design in

The iPhone 15 Pro will have an improved design in its frames and the camera

Little by little, different details of what the new ones will offer are leaking. iphone that Apple plans to launch this year 2023. On this occasion, what has been known is part of the design that the Pro range, which is the most powerful that the Cupertino company will offer users. And there are details of the most positive.

Leaving aside the novelties that will arrive in the hardware that the iPhone 15 Pro will offer, where there will be a change of processor and, apparently, the RAM will also increase by a couple of gigabytes, it must be said that the firm directed by Tim Cook is working on making some small changes in what has to do with the design. And the goal is clearly to get a more stylish phone with better ergonomics.

The novelties in the design of the iPhone 15 Pro

One of which they have been able to see in the image that has been leaked from a CAD design of the Apple terminal, is that the frames will be much smaller. This is something that has been discussed for a long time, and it may mean that the screen dimensions are larger in the new generation of the company’s smartphones. In addition, the usability of the terminal can also be improved, but it will be necessary to know if the resistance is not affected by having less containment space next to the casing.

Possible design of the iPhone 15 Pro
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The other great novelty that would come to the Apple iPhone is that the module for the rear camera -which would be maintained with three sensors- could be smaller as far as the bulge is concerned which has the current model. That’s not disastrous, but any improvements on this will be welcome, as the competition is doing things more effectively. Thus, the data indicates that will be reduced by one millimeter what it occupies, which will mean that the signature will have more space to carry out additional modifications.

Things that are safe in this range of phones

One of them is the inclusion of a port USB Type C instead of Lightning, since it has to comply with European regulations so that all devices that reach the market include the first as a charging interface. In addition, everything indicates that it may be seen for the first time the use of solid buttons on the sides of the terminal (instead of the usual mechanical ones). And, possibly, this will be released by the Pro range, where the version with the largest screen could definitely be called the iPhone 15 Ultra. We will see if this is so or not finally.


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