The iPhone 15 Pro Max will have an exclusive camera with a larger sensor

The iPhone 15 Pro Max will have an exclusive camera with a larger sensor

The latest reports indicate that Apple will use an improved main camera with the same resolution -48 MP- in the range iPhone 15 Pro. However, new data suggests that the version Max of the future smartphones of the Cupertino company will use an improved sensor. This could be the first big difference between the two models that make up the Pro range in terms of features.

The truth is that once Apple has begun to differentiate the different models of the same product range, in this case the iPhone, it would not be unreasonable to think that this could happen (we must not forget that in models with Android what we say has been happening for quite some time). Therefore, it should not be ruled out at all that this could happen.

What would the sensor of the iPhone 15 Pro Max be like?

As for the specifications, it is rumored that the sensor would be 11% larger than the one used in the current iPhone 14 Pro. In addition, it must be remembered that it has long been speculated that Apple will use a periscope-type camera in the Pro Max. And, all this, combined with a titanium finish on the chassis, a renewed action button and that the integrated processor will be an A17 Bionic SoC -faster and more efficient-.

The known data indicate that the sensor would be the Sony IMX903 for the iPhone 15 Pro Max (the smaller model will continue to use the IMX803 sensor that is known from last year). The new component is relatively larger compared to last year: 1/1.14 inches by 1/1.28 respectively. This means that you have a larger working area at maximum quality when it comes to getting photos and videos.

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iPhone 14 Pro rear camera

It is important to mention that the iPhone 15 Pro Max could be the first Apple model with four sensors in the rear camera due to the use of one more for telephoto functions. This would allow lossless optical zoom at an extended level, and that Apple has selected Largan as the supplier of the component.

An element that will be differential

An example of what we say is that, on paper, the new IMX903 compared to Samsung’s 200 MP HP2, is capable of acquire 20% more light. And this is essential to be able to achieve good results in poor low light conditions. Now it remains to be seen if all that has been known to happen and, if so, if users are willing to pay more for the iPhone 15 Pro Max due to the use of a better camera.