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The iPhone 14 with Dynamic Island will have a perfect function if you like sports

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The iPhone 14 with Dynamic Island will have a perfect function if you like sports

One of the best novelties that could be seen in the presentation of the new iPhone 14 was the inclusion of the so-called Dynamic Island. It is only present in the Pro models, and it is an ingenious way of using the notch that these devices have -since the Cupertino company does not want to abandon it through the hole that is present in many Android right now-. Well, in no time it will have a new feature that is great for sports lovers.

The idea that Apple has with this element that is located at the top of the screen of the iPhone 14 is that it goes increasing options it has to display information. Therefore, what is possible to do right now is just a sample of what is to come (everything indicates that with the sale of the next generation of the company’s phones is when everything is especially mature, so it is included in all the models that will make up the range).

What is being prepared for the iPhone 14

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According to the data that has been known, with the update of the operating system of the smartphones of the Cupertino company to the version iOS 16.1you can see information about the sports results that are happening from the teams that are followed by the user. Thus, for example, if you like football and you are a Betis fan, on Dynamic Island you will be able to see in real time the image that shows you how the result of the league or cup match that is being played is going.

Thanks for the tip!! Got this working for Premier League scores as well! pic.twitter.com/csscCo1wA3

– Jorge González Medina (@jaquia) September 17, 2022

As you can see in the image above, what will be included will be both the result with acceptable dimensions and, right next to it, the shield that represents each team. And, this, it will be possible to enjoy it for different competitions such as basketball, football and even tennis. If you click on what is seen in the element integrated in the iPhone 14 Pro, a notification will be displayed that will allow you to see something else: the minute of the game, and some more details, such as the top scorers or if there are expelled.

Notification when deploying Dynamica Island on the iPhone 14 Pro
Phone Arena

And when will this new option arrive?

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Well, as we have indicated with the first major update of the iOS 16 operating system, which is the one used by the iPhone 14. It is expected that the tests of this iteration will start quickly, so the download could be available at end of this 2022. Aside from this eminently sporty feature, Dynamic Island is expected to win functions in the future such as being able to do the track a food order or to be able to see how a trip is going in which the information is shared with friends or family.


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