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The iPhone 14 will not arrive alone, Apple has the AirPods Pro 2 ready

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Lovers of Apple products are discounting the days for the North American company to present its new smartphones, the iPhone 14. These devices are expected for September of this year, specifically for the fourteenth, according to the information that exists in this regard. And, from what has been known, it will not be the only device that will be presented at that time: the airpods Pro 2.

For practically a couple of years, the new generation of the headphones we are talking about has been expected and, as has been leaked, the Cupertino firm intends to present them this year so that they can be put on sale at the second half of 2022. Excellent news, since the quality of this accessory is very high in the first generation and, normally, its replacement surpasses them in many sections.

An example of what we say is that, as far as design is concerned, the little cane characteristic of the AirPods since its launch is expected to disappear. In this way, the product it would have a shape similar to a button with which to offer better ergonomics when using it (especially for long periods of time). This would make them look a lot like the Beats Fit Pro, which makes perfect sense given Apple’s connection to this manufacturer.


Other options expected in the new AirPods Pro 2

On the one hand, additional functions would be included in what has to do with the use in everything related to the physical data acquisition. An example is that they could measure the user’s temperature to detect disease problems and even, by using a gyroscope, the balance would also be analyzed. An excellent option to combine the headphones with the company’s smart watch and, of course, with their smartphones.

In the sound section, there will be an advance to enjoy lossless music. This would mean a step beyond what is known as High Fidelity, and would allow these headphones to differentiate themselves from their competition… This is vital, if one takes into account that we are talking about an accessory that aims to not be especially cheap.

More companions for the iPhone 14

Well, apart from the AirPods Pro 2, it does seem that in September event to be held by Apple could announce the new version of its smartwatch (which would have a much greater resistance than its predecessors) and, even, there are not a few sources that believe that the surprise with the arrival of a new iPad Pro. If this happens, we would be facing one of the most complete events ever carried out by the company directed right now by Tim Cook.



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