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The iPhone 14 Pro will have bigger batteries, and there is a good reason for it

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The iPhone 14 Pro will have bigger batteries, and there is a good reason for it

The presentation of the new Apple smartphones is just around the corner, and the iPhone 14 Pro They will be the models that include the most novelties among all those that will be announced. New details have been known regarding the battery they will have and, the truth is that everything indicates that they are positive for users.

What has been published is that this component will be larger in the two models we are talking about: the iPhone 16 pro and Pro Max. So much so, that the source of the information indicates that both terminals will be seen noticeably larger -especially in the thickness-. It will not be anything especially critical, but those who have been using the phones of the Cupertino company for several generations will notice this without a doubt.

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There is no exact figure for how many amps the battery charge of Apple smartphones will increase over the past few years. we are talking about, but the normal thing is that the amount is between the 100 and 200 mAh at least. It may not seem like much, but it is not because this requires structural changes in the internal design that in many cases are not easy to achieve so that all the necessary components are well placed and do not cause problems (an example of these may be the generation of heat ).

The reason for the increase in the battery of the iPhone 14 Pro

Apart from seeking to offer better autonomy in the daily use of the phone, there is something that has led Apple to take the step of increasing the amperage of the batteries of the Pro models that will be presented this September 7: the arrival of the long-awaited screen always on to the devices we are talking about. This, which will display basic information in a constant way, has very low basic energy needs… but they exist. And, therefore, the firm has included an increase in the load so that this does not become a handicap for users.

Design of the always-on screen of the iPhone 14 Pro

The new option we are talking about will be included in the company’s smartphones due to the inclusion of a new OLED panel that, among other things, allows management of the frequency better. An example of what we say is that this could be much lower: You can reach 1 Hz if necessary. This, combined with new technologies that the screen will have, will allow relevant information to be seen with excellent quality without having to activate the terminal. And this has a second consequence that many may not like: the new screen on it will not be part of the iPhone 13 Prosince they do not have this component.

Better autonomy is expected in the new Apple mobiles

Despite the increase in screen consumption when the smartphone is not used, everything suggests that the Cupertino company has taken steps to improve this section. An example is that the processor A16 Bionic used by the iPhone 14 Pro will be much more energy efficient, which will be combined with the use of the aforementioned screen frequency and advances in iOS 16 in this regard.

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Furthermore, if there is a possibility turn off new screen on, the increase in milliamps that the battery of the most advanced iPhone that Apple will present this week will have, can be used so that the time of use of the terminal increases considerably. Therefore, the new decision that the American way has taken will always be won.


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