The iPhone 14 Pro could arrive with fast charging at 30 watts

Apple’s new iPhone 14 family is just around the corner, and the closer we get to launch, the more information about the new devices is making headlines.

This time, the Twitter user duanrui states that The iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max would be compatible with 30W charging, as an Apple partner has already started shipping compatible chargers to media outlets for testing.

Furthermore, it seems that Apple will promote the new charging power in iPhone 14 ads although on the other hand, the device would not come with the charger in the box.

This represents a significant increase compared to the 18W that the latest iPhone models support and that have already fallen somewhat behind the competition. On the other hand, fast charging tends to drain batteries more quickly, so it’s understandable that Apple has been cautious about implementing very fast speeds.

“Could iPhone 14 Pro series use 30W charging power? Recently, a charger brand started submitting new charging products to the media, and it will be announced in the iPhone 14 series experience video.”says DuanRui on Twitter.

Apple will present the new generation of iPhone on September 7 and, in theory, sales should start a week later.

The new iPhones will launch alongside the new generation of Apple Watch, and this time, Apple will also launch a Watch Pro that will come with improved hardware and a new design.


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