The iPhone 14 Plus takes off in the market, and there is a good reason for it

The iPhone 14 Plus takes off in the market, and there is a good reason for it
the iphone 14 plus takes off in the market, and

The iPhone 14 Plus takes off in the market, and there is a good reason for it

To date, the big headlines regarding reservations and delivery dates among the new smartphones that Apple introduced last month have referred to the iPhone 14… and not because what was known was positive. But now it has been the turn of the model called Plus (and which is not part of the Pro) and here, things point to be different.

It is evident that the majority choice for users who want to buy a new generation iPhone is either of the two that make up the pro range of these. And the reasons are quite clear: they include the Dynamic Island -or vitaminized notch-; they have a more advanced camera; and even improvements like the new always-on screen works much better. But, from what it seems, the Plus model among the basic ones does not look like it will crash in the market.

The data that supports that the iPhone 14 Plus works

The clearest that can be had is that in the US Apple Store, a worldwide reference to know if the reservations are going well, since there are people who are already having problems in order to get their model. And, this, can be due to two things exclusively: one is that the offer is reduced, something that is not a usual way of proceeding from Apple. The other possibility is that the demand is growing and, therefore, the usual suffers with the new iPhone: waiting and delays.

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Back of the iPhone 14 Plus in purple

Of course, we are not talking about anything impressive as it happens with the Pros, since information about days or, at most, is talked about at the source. one week. But, the fact is that the data seems hopeful for Apple that, surely, will be thinking that perhaps some more advance in the basic range would not have been too much.

By the way, in Spain things aim to be exactly same. The reason is that right now, if you want to get an iPhone 14 Plus, you must wait a week from its launch -which is official this Friday- to be able to have the unit in your hands. Nothing crazy, again, but something is something.

The reason there is for this to happen

Well, everything suggests that it is the screen, which is 6.7 inches, and currently users do like to use terminals with panels with these dimensions. The thing is that there is no similar model in the previous range, and therefore some see in this device the right purchase option because they don’t want to spend what the Pros cost (which is a lot, it must be said). Consequently, it seems that the arrival of the iPhone 14 Plus, without being the panacea, does respond to what Apple expected. We will see if, finally, on October 7 it is shown that this is so.