The iPhone 14 get ‘bugs’ from all sides, now it’s up to the SIM card

The iPhone 14 get 'bugs' from all sides, now it's up to the SIM card

The iPhone 14 get 'bugs' from all sides, now it's up to the SIM card

Things are not going as smoothly as Apple would like with their iPhone 14. Constantly, different problems are known that affect smartphones and that can make life more complicated for users. Now a fault has been detected that affects the SIM and that, if it occurs, can put those who have one of these devices in trouble.

As indicated in the source of the information, some users randomly receive a message on their devices indicating that “the SIM is not supported“. Something that is not true at all and that, obviously, generates a surprise in those people who see this on the screen of the iPhone 14. In some cases, the terminal even blocks, without being able to do anything to prevent it and with the inconvenience this entails.

It is important that you keep this in mind if it happens to you on your iPhone 14

In the event that the device we are talking about is blocked, it is important that you keep one thing in mind: do not try to do anything on your own, since you may have more serious problems such as data loss. If unfortunately this happens to you, it is best to take the phone to a apple support for them to take appropriate action. From what has been said, there are already several who have reported that this has happened to them, so everything indicates that the Cupertino company is aware of what is happening.

Gray iPhone 14 Pro phone

The truth is that the failures detected in the iPhone 14 are not exactly few, so much so that Apple itself has had to solve these with software updates, such as the deployment of version iOS 16.0.2 to end the problems detected with Instagram or eliminate security holes that allowed sending emails that blocked the Mail application, but, in the case we are talking about, the fault may be hardwarewhich would further complicate things on paper.

Apple is already working to fix this

Well, everything indicates that this is so, and that the solution could come with the update of the operating system of the iPhone 14 to the iOS version 16.1. If this is so, the failure could be something of the past in not too long, but in the meantime, if you receive the message that we have indicated before at some point, what you have to do is the following so as not to put the terminal at risk: wait It appears for a few minutes to see if it disappears and, if the device ends up being blocked, go to an authorized technical service. In this case, it is best not to take any risks.