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The iPhone 14 are sold without a SIM tray in the US: What has happened to the space freed up?

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The teardowns of the new iPhone units are revealing some of the secrets of the new smartphones, like the iPhone 14 being easier to repair than its predecessor.

Now him iPhone 14 Pro Max Teardown has revealed that the units sold in the United States fill the remaining space with a piece of plastic.

Removing the SIM card from the iPhone brings us closer to the portless iPhone of the future. An immediate benefit is the elimination of a potential liquid entry point, as there is no SIM card cutout on the iPhone’s frame.

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Not surprisingly, Apple has removed the internal components of the SIM card, which take up space on the logic board. However, Apple hasn’t replaced the space freed up with anything useful. iFixit’s iPhone 14 Pro Max shows a large piece of plastic instead of the SIM tray.

iphone 14 pro max teardown ifixit plastic sim 3

The reason Apple needed to put something there is simple. The component reinforces the section of the screen that it covers. You cannot have an empty space inside the phone.

But why hasn’t Apple packed that extra space inside the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max with a battery?

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Apple has possibly used that piece of plastic inside the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max so it doesn’t have to create separate sets of logic boards for the iPhone 14 variants sold in the US. In addition, that would have created differences in autonomy between some models and others, which may not be well received by users.

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