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The iPhone 13 won’t choke your wallet any more than its predecessor

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The next series of iphone 13 It offers several improvements over the 2020 version, but will not be priced higher, according to a market analysis firm.

The iPhone 13 will not be more expensive than the iPhone 12

Among the improvements are longer battery life and greater access to 5G. But those are refinements of the old design, not dramatic changes. And that is why an analyst by TrendForce it does not foresee a price increase. “In terms of retail prices, the iPhone 13 series is expected to remain similar to the iPhone 12 series.”Esther Feng said in a note posted Thursday.

Possible improvements in the iPhone 13

Another TrendForce prediction that is likely to please potential buyers is that Apple’s 2021 phones will have room for larger batteries. This comes thanks to a collapsing circuit board. “The space-saving feature of this new design will likely result in increased battery capacity as well.”said Feng.


And improvements in 5G are expected. Last year’s iPhone 12 series is the first with 5G, but support for high-speed mmWave is only available in the US That’s going to change in the next iOS model, according to the analyst.

Both predictions have been done before by other analysts.

Other improvements

In his note, Feng mentions changes to the processor, display and camera of the iPhone 13, but does not go into details. But the device is expected to be built around a Apple A15 processor which will offer higher performance with less battery consumption. And previous leaks indicated that the 2021 model will display a 120 Hz display and you will be able to record videos in portrait mode, also known as Bokeh.

There may also be an always-on screen. Touch ID under the screen, a smaller screen notch and more storage capacity.

Whatever the price, the TrendForce analyst believes that the iPhone 13 will make its debut in September.


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