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The iPhone 13 will have less ‘notch’ but will be thicker than the current ones, do you know why?

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iphone-13-will-have-less-notch-but-will-be.jpg" width="980" height="565" alt="Recreation of the front of an iPhone from 2021.">

The iPhone 13 of this year seems that they will be the first since 2017 to modify the size of the notch. Those eyebrows that Apple smartphones have had for four years and that, according to all the information, the Americans are not going to eliminate them completely, but rather they have chosen to leave them in the front of their terminals for a few more generations.

With that already on the table, we might think that little else will change things, but after many years of battle against the thickness of its terminals, everything indicates that from Cupertino they have decided to throw the house out the window and turn its new terminals into the most bulky of recent times. And for example, the first images that compare how some of the elements of the iPhone 13 are expected to be.

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The camera, guilty of everything

As reported by some media, the cameras of the iPhone 13 will be a little bigger than the ones seen in the last two generations, when Apple decided to include that square module with two and three sensors. As you can see from the photos that you have just below, this increase in size will be both in width and height and in length, in this case, thick.

Comparison iPhone 13 iPhone 12.
Comparison iPhone 13 / iPhone 12.

As you can see just above, in the case of the Pro models, that triple camera will go inside a larger element that, in addition, when seen in the lateral plane it is perceived larger, which makes us stay with the idea that the phones will be much thicker. Apple, anyway, will have a plan to camouflage it, thanks to those official covers that make the back of the terminal a completely smooth surface that we can rest on a table. However, in the case of standard models, the iPhone 13 equivalent to the iPhone 12 of 2020, the module with the double chamber will be practically the same, enlarging in thickness very little the element that these devices currently carry.

Four months after the launch, the information seems to be confirming the rumors that we have been hearing in recent weeks. One of them, precisely, pointed in the direction of pointing out that The iPhone 13 will arrive with better lenses and camera sensors, which could have forced those of Cupertino to have to give up one of their most well-known obsessions: those of making increasingly fine gadgets. There we have the cases of the latest iPads, the new iMac and even the MacBook.


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