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The iPhone 13 will borrow a function that the Apple Watch already have

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There are times Apple decides to set a path that later other smartphone manufacturers follow, but on other occasions, it happens just the other way around. What when a road is already clogged with so much traffic, those from Cupertino appear pretending they just found out to welcome a function that millions of users have been using for years on their phones (with Android).

And in this case it is curious because Apple has a precedent in the Apple watch Series 5 that arrived on the market in 2019, which among its few novelties (because they did not include many, if not any) they boasted of having an always on display that allowed the user to always see the time even if the smartwatch is locked and with the screen (technically) off.

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The iPhone will always give you the time

Thus, from the YouTube channel EverythingApplePro they have taken advantage of the last hours to publish a video in which he comes to give new clues about some of the features that these new iPhone 13 of 2021 will have. The most outstanding is this one from the screen always active, or on, although with the brightness quite dim so as not to use up the entire battery. A function that Android users have already had for some years, with Samsung as the main driver.

Thanks to this always on display, the user will have a way to know the time of the smartphone without having to unlock it, or activate the screen by pressing any button, as well as notifications of notifications, calls, etc. Although it remains to be seen how Apple implements it in its future iPhone 13, it is a fast and minimally invasive way to control the notifications that are coming to the phone and that takes advantage of one of the best qualities of some OLED panels, such as the possibility of activate only a few screen pixels to deactivate the rest and thus avoid excessive energy expenditure.

Also, in the same video EverythingApplePro have confirmed that This year’s iPhone 13s will hit stores with 120Hz display panels. with LTPO (low-temperature polycrystalline oxide) technology, such as those that the Apple Watch has been using since 2019 and which are what allow this function of the always on display to work without problems. We will see, but without a doubt, Apple would be able to go a step further in the functionality of their smartphones and print them an extra plus of functionalities that have become, for many users, essential.


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