The iPhone 13 Apple Event will be on September 14 …

apple event septiembre.jpeg
apple event septiembre.jpeg

How can we forget that Siri missed the date of the first Apple Event of 2021. Months later, Apple surprises us with the official announcement of its next event, which will be on September 14. Among so many rumors and reports, now we can see the new iPhone 13 and the news that they will incorporate. Today Apple makes it official sending the traditional invitations to the accredited press and the general public.

An Apple Event of three? We’ll see

After the first Apple Event and a WWDC edition, Apple is about to reveal the new iPhone 13 and its much-rumored features later this year. It is also expected that a new generation of Apple Watch Series 7 can see the light and perhaps even the new line of iPad mini and iPad that will have radical changes in design.

It is worth mentioning what happened the previous year, those of Cupertino had to make important changes in the dates of their last events. Instead of 1 or 2 events there were 3 at the end of the year between September and November. Now, the idea is that it can be repeated due to probable delays in the launch of its products.

In addition to announcing this important date, Do not forget that the latest operating system releases are pending. Especially, the most watched version is iOS 15 together with iPadOS 15. The Release Candidate version will probably come out in the next few hours and, during or after the event, the final release of the operating systems may take place.

An invitation with style 100% from Cupertino

Wow, the design of the invitation was very spectacular, not only because of the landscape in the background and the style of the bitten apple. If you enter the Apple website right now in the event section, you can be surprised in augmented reality.

Here it is shown in a short video clip by Marketing SVP Greg Joswiak. It is unique what Apple does with its invitations. It has been clear for several events that the augmented reality seal is theirs. It only remains to wait a few more days to be able to enjoy a new streaming event.