The invention that will put an end to mobile theft: lock the device and notify the bank

the invention that will put an end to mobile theft lock the device and notify the bank
the invention that will put an end to mobile theft lock the device and notify the bank

This new project is capable of making the procedures after the theft of a mobile phone simpler and faster, in addition to blocking it.


Taking into account how much mobile phones are used in Spain, whether to work, communicate with loved ones or pay in establishments, having it stolen can be a hard blow for its owner. After this it will be necessary to take measures such as restoring email accounts, filing a complaint or purchasing another device.

Of course, it can be expensive. In Spain, the number of thefts that occur from these devices increases considerably in mass events like festivals or fairs. However, there are countries, such as Brazil, in which the figure reaches more than 2 million mobile phones per year.

Now, the government of this country has wanted to take action on the matter by launching an application that will leave the mobile phone unusable in case the user knows that it is being stolen, and that will leave it as “a useless piece of metal”, according to Anderson Torres. , Minister of Justice and Public Security.

Support from banks

In Brazil, the theft of smartphones has become a problem that many people suffer from and which leads to a large number of procedures. In some cases, they can be more complex if the device has been stolen from its owner’s hands while it is turned on, something that can cause thieves to also spend money from the bank account.

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That is why the country’s Ministry of Justice and Public Security has decided to launch an application with which it wants to make stolen cell phones completely unusable, so that thieves have no incentive to commit these thefts. They have been working on it for 6 months, and thanks to this, the process of disable the smartphone’s ability to make calls and connect to mobile networks It may be faster, although the rest of the device’s features will still work. To cancel them, it will be necessary to lock the phone using the Google or iOS device manager.

This is something like a panic button, which is used through a new application. Its name is Secure Cellular, and it is already working in the American country. The main objective of the app, beyond leave your cell phone unusable for thieves, is to expedite all the procedures that must be carried out by the person whose device has been stolen.

For its use, we have had the help of the vast majority of banks in the country, which have promised that it will take between ten minutes and half an hour to cancel access to the application from the device. Soon, the government also hopes to be able to count on the support of operators to also block the SIM card automatically, so that SMS cannot be received, which, in many cases, are used as a two-step verification method.

Simple setup

In order to use the application correctly, it is necessary to configure it by providing some personal data that helps identify the device. In fact, it seems that it is best to configure it as soon as possible so that the data is recorded for as long as possible. You need to create an account using the phone number and a password, and then add the IMEI number of the phone being used. This is something like the chassis number of the device, and if the mobile has dual SIM, it will have two. Thanks to this, it is possible to block your use of mobile networks in many countries.

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Once it has been configured, the only important thing is to remember the password. And it is possible to report the theft of the mobile phone both from the mobile phone itself, just when it is happening, and from another device, logging in with the phone number and said password. The application is available on both iOS and Android, and is completely free.

This is a great initiative by the Brazilian government, thanks to which users who have suffered a theft can quickly report it and the bank, without being asked, act to protect the user’s interests and thus make these procedures somewhat easier to carry out. It must be taken into account that a report in this application does not replace a complaint at a police station, but rather they are two complementary actions.

In Spain, cell phone theft is not such a widespread problem, but it is true that it is something that happens every day, and a solution like this could be a great help for people who suffer from it. In general, the procedures are not very complex, but it is true that depending on the schedules at work it can be slightly complicated to carry them out on some occasions.