The Internet will fly on your PC: Windows 11 now supports Wi-Fi 7

the internet will fly on your pc windows 11 now.jpg
the internet will fly on your pc windows 11 now.jpg

Windows WiFi Connectivity

Microsoft keeps improving Windows 11 so that, instead of announcing and releasing its successor, it continues to be its most powerful and updated operating system. As usual, the company releases new development versions every week in which the most reckless users can have a first contact with the latest improvements and new features that are coming to this system. And, although they are generally minor changes, today’s change will take this system to a new level.

Windows 11 allows us to connect to the Internet via cable and Wi-Fi. Within Wi-Fi, we can use both the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz networks, depending on our hardware and the characteristics of our network. But, speaking in standards, within the fastest network we can take advantage of the connection through Wi-Fi 5 or, if we have a compatible router, connect through Wi-Fi 6.

A month ago, the Wi-Fi Alliance announced the launch of the new Wi-Fi 7 standard (IEEE 802.11be). This standard stands out from the previous ones for offering extremely low latency, superior reliability and stability and, in addition, a higher connection speed. Regarding its more technical characteristics, we have 320 MHz channels, Multi-Link Operation (MLO), 4K QAM, 512 compressed ACK blocks and multiple RYs in a single STA.

Wi-Fi 7 Features


Although this is a new standard, some companies, such as Digi, have already started delivering the first Wi-Fi 7 routers to their customers. Although it is of little use if we do not have an operating system that supports it. Well, as of today, Windows 11 is that operating system.

Wi-Fi 7 is already in testing in Windows 11

A few hours ago, Microsoft launched a new compilation of Windows 11, build 26063, within the Canary development channel (the most advanced, and unstable). This update has corrected a large number of errors and problems detected in the operating system, and improved some aspects of it. But, in addition, it has also added support (for now, in testing) for this new Wi-Fi standard.

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Windows 11 Wi-Fi 7

As Microsoft assures, this standard will allow us to connect to the Internet up to 4 times faster than with Wi-Fi 6 and Wi-Fi 6E. Even up to 6 times faster than with Wi-Fi 5. In addition, thanks to the fact that it has a much lower latency, we can have a much better experience when, for example, making video calls or streaming games.

How to use Wi-Fi 7 in Windows 11

As we have said, the way to connect to this protocol is still experimental, and is only available to users who, within the Insider program, have already installed this test update. In addition to having this build of Windows 11 (or any later), we are also going to need to have a Wi-Fi 7 adapter for the PC, as well as a latest generation router that supports this standard.

Of course, if we have a router with WiFi 7, it will also be compatible with previous standards, so if we have a computer, smartphone, or any device with a previous version, we can connect to this router without problems. Of course, at the speed dictated by the version of Wi-Fi we use.