The Huawei Watch GT Cyber ​​watch is official with incredible customization options

The Huawei Watch GT Cyber ​​watch is official with incredible customization options
the huawei watch gt cyber ​​watch is official with incredible

You have to recognize Huawei that does not stop innovating in the segment of Smart Watches. Things that seem impossible, they are able to make them come true. And, during the Mobile World Congress 2023, a new model has become known that, due to its customization options, it is different. We tell you the idea that the Asian company had.

The device we are talking about is the Huawei Watch GT Cyber. This wearable has very personal straps that are interchangeable. In it, apart from including the usual fastening elements, it also the frames that surround the central element of the clock are added and that is where the hardware hides behind the screen. Therefore, the design change achieved with this product is unique among all smartwatches on the market.

In this way, changing the strap practically means making it a watch in what it has to do with its design, since it is possible to choose a new model with a different color and even material. And all this, affects those around the frame of the smartwatch. A fantastic idea that surely has more than one interested user (especially for those who like to change the appearance of their technological accessories).

There are already two collections of straps

As the Asian company has announced at the fair that is being held in Barcelona, ​​from the outset you will be able to get different straps in two different ranges called Sport and Urban. The first has options that are very resistant -where silicone is the most present material-, while the second offers finishes in stainless steel and ceramic which, obviously, provide a more premium look. An important detail: if desired, there is also the possibility of change the crown which has Huawei watch.


The rest of the features of this Huawei watch

For starters, the screen that has the central element is 1.32 inches AMOLED. Its resolution is 466 x 466 pixels, so the image quality is beyond any doubt. Besides, and despite the customization options, the protection offered by this wearable is high, since it has sapphire crystal and 5 atmosphere water resistance. On the other hand, in what has to do with autonomy, it reaches a week of use, which is quite good (and it does not lack compatibility with iOS and Android).

It remains to be seen both the price that the Huawei Watch GT Cyber ​​would have and the availability, of which no specific details have been given. The truth is that this model shows how daring the Asian company is when it comes to smart watches and, the truth is that this is giving it a excellent prestige before the users. Let’s hope the manufacturer continues like this, since he is on the right track.


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