The Huawei P70 would be a hit on the table thanks to its processor: 3 nanometers and 5G for the supposed Kirin 9010

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Huawei’s new premium mobile phone would have advanced technology to further baffle the United States


In the middle of last year, Huawei launched the P60 Pro. The new flagship of the Chinese company arrived with a spectacular camera, a screen at the height of its range and an SoC that was somewhat outdated. It was about Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 when the industry was already mounting the spectacular Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 in the premium segment.

In addition, it was the 4G version of the SoC because they could not have access to 5G technology due to North American sanctions. Well, according to the leaks and latest rumors, The Huawei P70 wants to come back on its own with its own Kirin chip and 5G connectivity. As? Thanks to Huawei’s recent allies in China.

A Huawei P70 that would go with everything thanks to its Kirin 9010

He Mate 60 Pro has been a boost for the industry of mobile phones in China. Not only does it represent the return of a Huawei that has managed to eat up sales iPhone 15 in the Asian giant, but has baffled the world (and the United States the first) thanks to its technology.

With the sanctions, the United States thought that it would take time for Huawei to have two things: chips made in 7 nanometers and chips with 5G modems. They thought they didn’t have the technology, but thanks both SMIC and its partners to create a 5G modem, the Kirin 9000S of the Mate 60 Pro has been crowned the rebirth of Huawei. At least, of course, in the area of ​​’circuits’.

It is true that it is less powerful than the recent SoCs from Qualcomm or MediaTek, but it represents the first test for a new line of processors from the company. Precisely, and as we read in Huawei Central, The Huawei P70 will mount a new SoC named Kirin 9010.

This name is not new, as the chip trademark was registered in April 2021, but due to all the restrictions, it seems that it had fallen fallow. However, leaker SmartPikachu has revealed in Weibo the first data about this new processor.

It’s surprising, but The informant assures that it will be manufactured in a 3 nanometer lithography and it’s something we’ll have to wait and see. Obviously, in a few months we will have information about the Huawei P70, but it remains to be seen if Huawei finally manages to mount a 3 nanometer chip.

The reason is that, to create these types of chips, very advanced machinery is needed, one that the United States is trying by all means to prevent from falling into the hands of China. New vetoes prevent ASML – the company reigns in the machines to create semiconductors- sell these advanced machines to Chinese companies, who have to make do with ‘old’ tools.

Of course, China’s plan is to take advantage and force those machines to be able to go further from its original purpose, creating 3 nanometer chips and even smaller and more complex photolithography. It is a very complicated process and, above all, it seems very inefficient.which would translate into poor use of each silicon wafer to create chips.

It will be exciting to follow the news of the Huawei P70 to see if they finally get that 3 nanometer SoC, but what seems certain is that it will have 5G connectivity, like the Mate 60 Pro or the Mate X5. Whatever happens, we will tell you about it on Xataka Android.

Now, as we always say, until there is official confirmation from Huawei, This information should be treated as a rumor..

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