The Honor Magic 6 can be controlled in the blink of an eye, literally

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1698314909 840 560.jpeg

Magic Capsule is its multimodal control system that will allow eye interaction. The Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 will be the heart of the Magic 6


This week, Qualcomm is holding an event in Hawaii where it presented its new SoC Snapdragon 8 Gen 3. It is the processor that will go inside the premium mobile phones that we will see over the next few months and, as it cannot be otherwise, many brands want to boast that they will mount that chip.

Xiaomi has been one of them and today it will present a Xiaomi 14 of which we already have many details and its new HyperOS layer, but Honor also wanted to score the goal. The Honor Magic 6 will have the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3, but it will also a technology to control applications with your eyes. Your name? Magic Capsule.

Magic Capsule, the eye control system of the Honor Magic 6

Once again, Xataka is in Hawaii covering the presentation of the new Qualcomm processors (and, apart from the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3, they have presented an SoC for PC, the Snapdragon X Elite, which wants to compete against the most powerful processors in that segment). AND One of the personalities who took the stage during the event was George Zhao.

This is the CEO of Honor and he did not give too many details about the new device, but we already know that it will be called Honor Magic 6 – no surprise in this – and that it will have the new Qualcomm SoC.

However, What has attracted the most attention is Magic Capsule. They haven’t shown much, just a GIF, but it is a technology described as “a multimodal interaction system based on eye tracking.”

The GIF is a simple animation, since we only see the screen move, so it is a demonstration of how they want the eye control system to work. However, it is interesting that description of “multimodal interaction system”since it may mean that there will be other ways to interact with the mobile without touching it, beyond eye tracking.

It is not something new, since There are cell phones that do not turn off their screen if they detect that we are looking at it gesture control is something that several manufacturers have applied over the years (some abandoned it and others continued with it) and outside of mobile phones we have the well-known Tobii eye tracking system to play PC games with your eyes.

However, if you do not need alternative systems such as depth cameras or complex sensors and Honor has managed to achieve that eye control only with the camera, It is a very interesting step towards accessibility.

People with motor difficulties could control the mobile phone with their eyes without major problems, at least certain functions, but It is also useful if our hands are busy at any given time..

Now, We just have to wait for Honor to offer more details about the Magic 6 and, above all, we will be attentive to those Magic Capsule possibilities. And yes, the design is very similar to that of the iPhone Pro, even the animation of the camera area.

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