The HomePod mini will activate one of your best kept secrets, what is it?

The HomePod mini will activate one of your best kept secrets, what is it?
HomePod mini
HomePod mini

It’s funny, until yesterday It had been a long time since Apple’s HomePods had been talked about with great intensity. But since the arrival of the new high-end model, things are changing. Thus, for example, it has been known that the mini version of this accessory has good and amazing news for those who already have a unit in their homes.

These have to do with the future activation of something HomePod mini owners were unaware existed inside their Siri-enabled smart speakers. we talk about some sensors that are ideal for what seems to be a clear objective of Apple today: everything that has to do with devices designed for the connected homes (and a clear example of what we are saying is the Cupertino company’s commitment to the Matter standard).

What is coming soon to the HomePod mini

Well, what has been known is that this model, as with the new HomePod 2, includes inside sensors to detect humidity level and room temperature. In other words, Apple’s smallest and cheapest model offers what has been included as a novelty in the company’s largest and most expensive. Excellent news for those who have one of the first belonging to the latest generation of this product. Curiously, the information is not exactly new, since the North American firm published this information back in 2021, but it was hardly listened to.


With this activation, the functions offered by the smart speakers we are talking about will be much greater, because the acquired information can be managed. Thus, and through the use of the corresponding applications, it will be possible to know the temperature at home before entering it or, simply, if the conditions are the best for sleeping at night (and, if not, take measures about it to rest properly). And this is an example.

This is finally active in the Mini and the new big HomePod announced today

—Mark Gurman (@markgurman) January 18, 2023

When will the sensors be activated?

Surely those who have a HomePod mini are now in a rush to take advantage of the hardware inside the speaker. It is normal, that is what they have it for (and they will also think about the reasons why Apple did not do this before, but that is another topic…). Well, the truth is that it is believed that the activation of the lords will be very fast and that, possibly, this will occur with the arrival of the firmware 16.3 of this product range, something that could happen in just a month -since the trial version has already been released-.


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