The home delivery revolution has only just begun


The Pascual Quality and Just Eat Takeaway agreement has worried distribution, but it takes advantage of the enormous possibilities of the new mobility

Online shopping, which was slow to take off in a Spain in which the old catalog sales were never implemented, is one of the biggest changes in customs experienced by society in recent decades. The growing trend accelerated geometrically –and by force– due to the pandemic, and not only in response to restrictions on mobility, but also due to a sudden confidence in consumers to which health precautions were not unrelated. This transcendental change, in which the powerful and highly technologically developed distribution sector has played a determining role, would have been impossible without the effective response of home delivery companies, especially last-mile ones, which, in order to meet demand, have experienced a growth only comparable to that of the containers in which the products and items that are shipped are packaged.

The explosion of the also known as delivery It has opened a path of wide horizons and gigantic possibilities, many of them as unimaginable recently as the delivery of fresh products in a few hours. The ongoing assault by the largest online store in the world, Amazon, on the leadership of the historic Spanish public service Correos not only speaks of how dangerous it is to be left behind, but also of the serious risks involved in not having an adequate strategy for the future and quality against the effectiveness of the competition.

But the home delivery revolution, which will not cease to surprise us with new ideas through the intelligent application of technology, goes further. And it is much deeper than some picturesque drones testing parcel deliveries in an urbanization with wide green spaces. The step that Pascual Quality is going to take is a good proof of this. The company founded by Tomás Pascual Sanz in 1969 in Aranda de Duero, one of the first in the ranking of the sector in Spain, has allied with Just Eat Takeaway to sell its products directly. A pioneering agreement, which fits in with the innovative spirit of the company that brought the tetrabrik to Spain and which paves the way for the arrival of the large manufacturers of food products for delivery. It is a step that has worried the distribution, but that takes advantage of the enormous possibilities that the new mobility offers to businesses, as evidenced by the fact that it is also the first time that the Dutch online food ordering and delivery giant has signed a alliance of this type in the many markets in which it operates. Although physical store distribution is in good health, this association confirms that the home delivery revolution has a long way to go.

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