The hidden benefits of Amazon Prime: what you need to know to get the most out of it

the hidden benefits of amazon prime: what you need to
the hidden benefits of amazon prime: what you need to

Amazon Prime membership is packed with benefits that just keep increasing to a point where you may not even be aware of what you’re paying for beyond Prime Video or preferential terms of free and fast shipping.

The Amazon Prime subscription is available at a annual price of 49.90 euros Or you can also pay 4.99 euros per month if you are not going to use it often. We are going to review all the benefits and advantages that it brings, in case you did not have any of them on your radar.

Advantages in purchases and shipments

Although many have the subscription exclusively for Prime Video, if you are a client of one of the largest e-commerce in the world You can also take advantage of a series of advantages in your purchases and subsequent shipments to your home.

amazon locker

With Amazon Prime, shipments are fast, free and adapt to what you need, since you can select pick-up at points of sale or Amazon Locker. The 1-day shipping option is available on two million products and 2-3 day shipping on millions more products.

There are even a million products that you can receive with same day delivery. You simply have to meet these conditions: products sold and managed by Amazon, orders from 29 euros that are ordered in the morning from Monday to Friday and will be received from 6:30 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. It is only available for a selection of postal codes in Madrid, Barcelona and surroundings. In the case of buying a product before its launch, they also guarantee that you have it that same day (very useful in movies, music discs or video games).

If your purchase is usually from a supermarket, with Amazon Fresh You can receive your supermarket purchase in the 2-hour slot that you prefer, also in Madrid, Barcelona and surroundings.

You may not know it, but as an Amazon Prime customer you have priority access to offers. For one, these subscribers have priority access to flash deals 30 minutes before they start. In addition, access to the promotional periods of the different Prime Days is exclusive to Prime customers.

Prime Video and other forms of entertainment

This may not be so hidden, but if the opposite is the case and you only used your Amazon Prime subscription for the benefits of buying on Amazon, you may not be aware that you have included in the price one of the best streaming platforms at no additional cost and available on a huge variety of devices.

Prime Reading and Prime Music

However, it is not the only entertainment platform that you have available with Amazon Prime. If you are more into reading than movies and series, your subscription includes prime reading. This includes unlimited reading for Amazon Prime customers with hundreds of eBooks to read on your Kindle eBook or the Kindle App.

Another cultural area such as music does not go unnoticed in your subscription and for being an Amazon Prime customer you have Amazon Music Primewhich gives access to more than 100 million songs in HD quality and without ads.

If your favorite stream is watching your favorite content creators, remember that being an Amazon Prime subscriber also means being on Twitch Prime. This includes exclusive content for video games every month, subscriptions to Twitch channels and other benefits.

Free and unlimited photo storage

Your Amazon Prime subscription means you have unlimited access to Amazon Photos. It is a very useful tool to have your favorite images in the cloud and thus free up space on your mobile or computer.

amazon photos

Amazon Photos allows you to make backup copies, organize and share your photos and videos from your mobile, computer or other devices. You can access all your photos from virtually any device and share them with family and friends. With this photo storage app, you will keep your photos and videos protected, even if you lose the phone or it breaks. Once your photos are saved to Amazon Photos, you can delete them from your mobile device and increase space on your phone. Once your photos are saved to Amazon Photos, you can access them from virtually any device. At last you will be able to put together the photos from your old computer, mobile phone and computer and keep them in a safe place.

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