The groundbreaking invention to turn your car into an autonomous vehicle: it is easy to install and costs 1,160 euros

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Flowpilot is a software that can be used by a mobile phone to control the direction and speed of some cars with certain security measures.

The technology used in smart cars available in Spain is evolving rapidly, and these increasingly have more functions, such as adaptive cruise control or automatic lane centeringwhich can help drivers drive more safely.

These functions are available in some models, but it is true that in other cases there is no possibility of using it. However, Flowpilot promises that it can provide these and more functions simply by using your Comma X3 display together with its specialized softwareno matter what type of car it is, as long as it meets certain requirements, since it must have cameras and sensors.

This device promises to go one step further than some manufacturers in terms of this type of intelligent functions, although its price, of course, costs about 1,160 euros at the exchange rate. Among its functions are the possibility of receiving alerts about dangers on the road, advice to improve your driving, and even having the AI ​​itself control aspects such as steering or braking, offering level 2 autonomous driving.

Based on OpenPilot

Flowpilot is a product that consists of a screen accompanied by cloud-based software that promises to use artificial intelligence to help companies and individuals manage driving more efficiently than the system that their own cars have. And it has such interesting advantages as the analysis of driving data. It is already being used by more than 10,000 users.

The premise is simple. This software, which is compatible with more than 200 vehicles, which must have a series of requirements, as ability to connect to the internet, have an integrated camera and radar system, as well as a high-performance processor, with at least 1.5 GHz frequency that is compatible. Additionally, it is necessary to purchase the Comma smart display.

Autonomous driving control

After this, you just have to choose a subscription plan, register on its platform and install OpenPilot, which is the system on which it is based, in the vehicles in which you want to use it. According to the company, The process is simple, and can be done by the driver himself. Next, you have to connect the account to the platform. Of course, the price of your device is 1,250 dollars (about 1,160 euros)

If it is a company, from its web manager you can control and track the entire vehicle fleet. This includes location data, your fuel consumption, maintenance data and even traffic compliance information.

Autonomous driving level 2

Thanks to the functions that this management software has, it is promised that Users will be able to reduce vehicle costs, starting with fuel. Its optimization of routes and schedules is complemented by a system capable of identifying savings opportunities on the route, without neglecting compliance with regulations.

The system works by using the camera of the device, called Comma X3, along with the rest of the car’s cameras, and placing it on the dashboard. With this, it is able to offer level 2 autonomous driving. This means that the car will have control of longitudinal and lateral movement, as well as the ability to act independently, although the driver’s attention will always be necessary.


Thanks to Adaptive Cruise Controlis capable of braking and accelerating the vehicle to adapt to traffic, while with the Lane Centering, You will be able to follow the lane you are in precisely. It is capable of driving autonomously for hours and without needing the intervention of a person. It can also be a great improvement in road safety, since its hazard warning system can assist the driver in difficult situations, in addition to providing the user with traffic information.

The device has an internal memory of 128 GB in which the content that has been recorded will be saved daily, so it can also be useful in case there is any problem on a journey and it is necessary to provide graphic evidence of some event. Recordings will be available for 3 days, but with some subscriptions, this figure can be raised to up to a year. Its screen is 8 inches, and it has a Full HD+ resolution.

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