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The Government promises fiber or 5G for all peoples in 5 years

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Spain fiber speed

Spain has to date several plans to promote the digitization of the country, bringing new generation networks to the largest possible part of the population so that the entire population has access to a Fast internet. Now, the Government has presented a new plan with a new endowment that aims to bring 100 Mbps Internet to the entire population of Spain.


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In 2018, the Government of Mariano Rajoy announced a plan called 300 × 100, which sought to bring fiber of at least 300 Mbps to 100% of the population of Spain in 2021. This plan has been implemented in various batches of tens and hundreds of millions Euros, and although it is progressing well, it is clear that by next year 100% of Spain will not have been wired with fiber.

For this reason, the Government has presented the Plan for Connectivity and Digital Infrastructures and the Strategy to Promote 5G Technology, with an endowment of 4,320 million euros until 2025. This plan has several objectives, and among them is to bring high-speed broadband coverage to 100% of the population. Thus, both are an important axis within the Spain Digital 2025 agenda.

Spain plan

From those 4,320 million euros883 million are already scheduled for execution in the 2021 Budgets, where it is also expected to mobilize a private investment of 24,000 million euros.

Three objectives of the Plan for Connectivity and Digital Infrastructures

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The Plan for Connectivity and Digital Infrastructures has three main objectives.

The first is to use the broadband as something to favor the territorial structuring of Spain, promoting the deployment of broadband in urban centers and depopulated areas, so that the 100% of the population of Spain have access to at least 100 Mbps speed. Currently, this speed reaches 84% ​​of the population, and by the end of 2021 it is estimated that it will reach 91% of the population. Fiber optic coverage in rural areas now reaches 46% of the population, doubling the European average and well above countries such as France (12%), Germany (6%) or the United Kingdom (6%). However, there is still a long way to go.

The second objective is that 100% of the industrial estates in Spain have a scalable connection to at least 1 Gbps in 2025.

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The third objective is for Spain to become a European data hub, being a center for cloud services and interconnection with satellite networks.

Pushing 5G technology

In addition, the 5G technology push strategy aims to complement fiber optics. Spain is leading the real 5G pre-commercial pilot experiences in the EU, being the second European country with the most cities with 5G (39 already), only behind the United Kingdom.

This plan will seek to facilitate the availability of bands for 5G services, where that of 3.5 GHz is already available and that of 700 MHz will soon be in March 2021. It is also aimed at that, in 2025, 75% of the population have access to real 5G, plus there is not a single cutoff of 5G coverage on major roads, railways or airports.

For this, new aid will be enabled for the deployment of 5G infrastructures. A regulatory and administrative framework will also be created that encourages investments, in addition to creating a safe and reliable environment for the deployment of networks and the establishment of companies.


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