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The Google Play Store will make life easier for users of several smartphones

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Good news for those who use several smartphones on a daily basis, the new update to the Google Play Store should make it much easier to switch from one device to another, we explain why.

Google Play Store
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In a new update to the Play Store app, Google has added a whole new option to the ” Manage apps and device from the Play Store, titled “ Sync apps with devices “. It does exactly what its title says, that is to say, it allows you to synchronize your applications between your different smartphones.

By opening the option, Google announces that ” Apps you install on this device will also be installed on your synced devices “. Imagine you install a new game on your main smartphone, your secondary smartphone should automatically start downloading the same applicationso you can quickly continue your game on the other device.

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The Play Store will sync your apps

For now, sync only applies to newly installed apps. So don’t expect to quickly recover your list of installed apps on a new phone without using Google’s usual backup and restore process, you’re out of luck.

Also note that this feature will not sync updates for these appsi.e. once on your second device, you may need to manually initiate updates if they are not automatic.

According to people who have already received the feature, it seems that the synchronization option is automatically activated for Wear OS devices, which will automatically install companion apps, if available.

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This change is therefore welcome for many users who use several Android smartphones on a daily basis, or even Chromebooks on which they want to find their list of applications installed on their mobiles. The new option should already be present on your Play Store, if you are using the latest version of the app.

In addition to regularly improving its application store, we recall that Google also wants to make the Play Store more secure in 2023, and therefore we should see many changes coming in this direction in the coming months.

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