The Google Pixel Watch 2 has bad news in its design, what is the reason?

The Google Pixel Watch 2 has bad news in its design, what is the reason?
the google pixel watch 2 has bad news in its

He PixelWatch It is one of the best smartwatches on the market with the Wear OS operating system. Google’s first smartwatch has all the qualities to be a complete accessory. But, like everything in technology, it can improve with the arrival of its successor.

It is true that the Mountain View company’s watch has some problems, of course. And, this, plus the usual evolution, is what has led to Google preparing a Pixel Watch 2. Development is quite advanced by the looks of it, so much so that it is believed that this accessory will be presented along with the line of phones. flagship pixel 8 a end of this year.

An important step for Google

From the looks of it, the Pixel Watch 2 could be a significant improvement over the model currently on the market. The fact is that, according to the 9to5Google report, the design of the new watch may be practically the same. And this would not exactly be a surprise. And it must be admitted that the Pixel Watch has a rather particular appearance for a modern smartwatch.


To date it was not known Device Name that Google is developing. And this is none other than “Eos”, the Greek goddess of dawn. This was discovered through a thorough analysis of the latest beta version of the Google search app. Earlier, the code name “Aurora” was also found, which, interestingly enough, is also a goddess of the dawn, but from Roman mythology.

The source of the information indicates that the two code names exist to distinguish between the non-LTE models of the Pixel Watch 2. This was also the case with its first version, where the codenames were a bit more boring: “r11” and “r11btwifi”. The clues in question indicate that it is possible that Google is planning to recycle some of the original model materials for its sequel, such as the aforementioned design or everything that has to do with the screen both in resolution and in the protection it will offer.

Advances in the Pixel Watch 2

Everything indicates that this smart watch will have a more powerful processor; bigger battery; improved sensors; and practically the same characteristics in sections such as water resistance or the panel used. It is expected, as we have said, that the previous design will be maintained, since many people have already invested in accessories for the watch.


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