The Google Pixel stumbles over the same stone: this is the update that causes the internal storage bug

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1706010604 840 560.jpeg

The American giant’s phones once again experience an annoying failure in the internal memory. Users report that they cannot see their files and Google claims to be working on a solution


Although Google’s software for its phones, the Google Pixel, is optimized to the maximum, it is not strange to see that on occasion suffer annoying errors. They also have them on the hardware side, like the screen problems of the Pixel 8 Pro.

Last November, the Google Pixel with Tensor processors had a small problem: users could not access the internal storage. However, the Mountain View company acted quickly. Now they fall back into the same stone and the culprit is none other than a recent update.

Storage problems on Google Pixels

In October they began to notify the aforementioned ruling that It did not allow access to the internal memory of the Pixel. A few weeks later, in November, Google fixed the root problem. On this occasion, the bug is repeated, leaving some users without the possibility of viewing their files.

Pixel 8 Parts Repair
The Google Pixel has a diagnostic tool that is currently exclusive to the US

As we read in 9to5Google, the problem that the Pixels are facing is due to the latest update of the Google Play system, specifically dated January 2024.

After making the jump to this update, different from the January security patch, users report that they cannot access their personal data stored in the internal memory from the apps. This leaves them without the possibility of play downloaded videos or take new photos.

On the other hand, file manager appears empty, and some apps stop working because they do not have access. In the past, in addition to the culprit update, using multiple users on the same mobile caused the failure. Currently, everything points to the Google Play system update.

Fortunately, it has not been fully deployed with the majority of users remaining in the November 2023 version. Thus, Google will be able to stop the deployment before more users join the complaints.

What phones are suffering from this problem? Well, mainly, users have reported it from Pixel series 6, 7 and 8 (with Tensor chip). Now it’s time to wait for a solution from the Mountain View firm, although this solution will depend on your phone continuing to boot.

In the event that we suffer a reboot loop, we will probably lose our information and data. Of course, a Google spokesperson has confirmed and recognized the problem, stating that they are investigating it. We are waiting, and we recommend not jumping to the latest Google Play update, everything is to preserve our files.

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