The Google Pixel Fold can be seen on the New York subway

pixel fold.jpg
pixel fold.jpg

Google has a tendency to show off devices that have yet to hit the market long before their actual launch. Now, history repeats itself with the Google Pixel Fold.

He Pixel Fold it will be the company’s debut in the foldable market and should launch sometime this year. However, as expected, a person seems to have captured it on his camera.

Reddit user onetaketeo Has published some photos taken in the New York subway that apparently show the Pixel Fold in all its glory.

The photos are very blurry, but one of the images appears to be clear enough to see a degree of similarity between the mysterious foldable and the renders of the Google Pixel Fold that leaked a couple of months ago.

The Reedit user also claims he was able to see the foldable’s camera bump, which is a signature design element of the Pixel line.

Today Google has announced the date of its annual developer conference. Google I/O 2023 will take place on May 10 and could serve as the stage for the official presentation of the Google Pixel Fold.

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