The Google Clock 7.1 debuts a new design in Wear OS and more widgets in Android 12

Google Wear OS watch
the google clock 7.1 debuts a new design in wear

On the occasion of the new version of Wear OS and the arrival of Android 12, Google has put the batteries in updating its applications to the new interface Material You. There is not a week in which we see how a new application changes its interface and / or releases new widgets.

At the beginning of last September it was the turn of the application of Google clock, which released a new interface and widgets, but now in its update to the version 7.1 we see how the redesign also comes to Wear OS in addition to adding more widgets in Android 12.

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This is Google Watch in Wear OS

Google Wear OS watch

Since these days, Wear OS-based watches are receiving a new update to the Google clock through the Play Store. This update prepares the application for the new interface that Google is gradually activating through its servers.

Google Wear OS watch

Google has completely revamped the Alarm and timer apps for Wear OS-based watches. As we see in the previous screenshots, Google clock It starts using Material Design in its interface for watches, offering a more current and colorful design, as well as being easier to use on the small screen of our watch. Google thus leaves that already obsolete design of the first versions of Wear OS.

So are your new widgets in Android 12

Clock Widgets

On the other hand, after launching its new Android 12 widgets a few weeks ago, we see how Google launches even more widgets for its clock. Google launched it a new stopwatch widget and new styles.

Now for him analog clock widget we find four designs to choose from and for widgets digital clocks allows us to choose between the version with a solid bottom or with Transparent background. So Google offers us more options to personalize the home screen with the clock that best suits our tastes.

Clock Widgets

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