The Google Camera of the Pixel 6 is now available in APK format to install it on any compatible mobile

the google camera of the pixel 6 is now available

Google unveiled its last two Pixel-branded phones this week. These are the Pixel 6 and the Pixel 6 Pro. Two phones of which we have already analyzed the new Tensor processor or its new set of cameras and along with which comes a new version of the well-known Google Camera or GCam. An app that developers have already been ported in APK form so that it can be installed on other models.

And is that one of the points that Google has highlighted in the presentation is related to photography in the new Pixel and there the Google Camera has a lot to do with it. A Google Camera app that reaches version 8.3 and that it can now be downloaded to test it on all compatible Android devices.

The GCam of the Pixel 6 on any Android


The Google Camera version 8.3 can be downloaded from this link and installed on phones that use Android 9 or another later version. It is a version of the Google Camera app included in the Android 12 Beta 4 compilation. And although the compatibility is not 100%, can be installed on a good number of phones.

The new camera improves some existing features, case of Night Sight, Astro Photography, Portrait Mode … In addition, version 8.3 of the Google Camera allows the use of auxiliary cameras with which most phones have.

And to all the mentioned improvements, the new application in the Pixel 6 adds different functions such as the new face focus mode or face unblur that uses machine learning in the phone’s camera to rectify blurring of faces in photos, the Real Tone that allows the camera to capture most skin tones or the Motion Mode that combines long exposure and creative blur functions to achieve motion blur on the moving object, the new white balance correction algorithm for each scene or the Erase function or Magic Eraser to remove objects from photographs, something exclusive to Google Photos on the new Pixels.

In my case ** I have tried to install it and I have succeeded in an Oppo RX17 Pro but it could not be in a Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra with Exynos. In order to install an external APK it is necessary to have “Installation from unknown sources” enabled and to have a phone based on Android 9 or another later version.

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