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The Google Assistant adds a new function to program routines

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The Google Assistant has a simple and flexible dynamic to create a series of routines based on our daily activities.

And now it adds a new function that makes it easy to create those routines that last all day, without having to complicate ourselves too much. Yes, we can program a series of routines that will be executed during the day.

How to create routines with the Google Assistant

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Google wants to make it even easier for us to plan our routines through the Assistant, adding a new function.

If you already have the new update, you will see that when you choose “Create Routine” from the Google Assistant section, the message “Do you want to schedule a routine that lasts all day?” Appears. Just select “Yes” and it will take you directly to all the options you need to configure this type of routine.

To start, it will ask you to choose the days for the routine you want to create. So you just have to mark the corresponding days and continue with the configuration. Set the time the routine will activate and choose an action. For example, you can set that Mondays at 8:00 am to inform you of the day’s calendar. One detail to keep in mind is that multimedia actions are always executed at the end of routines.

And following that same dynamic, you add as many actions as you want to activate them during different hours of the day. To differentiate the routines, remember that you can give them names. And all the routines that you are creating will be shown in the “Your routines” section. And of course, you can modify or delete them at any time.

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It is a simple dynamic that you only have to configure once to manage all the routines that you want to implement during the day, and that’s it. The Google Assistant will take care of the rest of the task.

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