The future of Bitcoin and its secrets depends on four programmers. As?

Surely you have heard of the cryptocurrency market and it is even possible that you have decided to invest in some virtual currency. But what you probably don’t know is that Bitcoin is maintained thanks to the work of four programmers. Yes, you read it right. Van Der Laan recently left the Bitcoin Core Github repository, and was the main developer. Now, as reported by The Wall Street Journal, the Bitcoin maintenance situation is run by four active programmers. And updates and corrections depend on them. Only four programmers to take care of Bitcoin: a full-blown danger Before there is confusion, one thing is cryptocurrency miners, those people who have computers connected 24 hours a day to generate Bitcoin or any other crypto. And then there are maintainers, who are programmers in charge of taking care of Bitcoin Core, the project that maintains the Bitcoin nodes and their wallet to verify that everything works correctly. Although you may be aware of it, Satoshi Nakamoto is the anonymous creator of Bitcoin. And he brought in a group of maintainers who were in charge of maintaining the entire system. But over the years, many of these programmers have left the project, going from around twenty maintainers nine years ago to only four. How do you choose a new maintainer? As indicated in WSJ, there is a vote among the Bitcoin developer community on Github, which proposes a name to be later chosen by vote. And the fact that there are so few maintainers is not good news. It is true that there are close to 300 developers behind the project, and that these four maintainers only give the “final touches”, and the process is reviewed to the last detail, but there should be more to ensure that the project goes forward strongly. Hennadii Stepanov, Michael Ford, Andrew Chow, and Gloria Zhao are the four programmers dedicated to maintaining Bitcoin Core. Each one of them does a specific task to optimize the work to the maximum. Obviously, it is not necessary to specify the importance of this work. And on top of that, we are dealing with an open source project, so this maintenance is essential, and it also does not have a particularly high remuneration. As indicated in The Wall Street Journal, the salary is 50% lower than that offered by a large company, and they are highly sought after profiles, so it is logical that the team gradually falls apart. The reasons for these drops? In addition to the economic reasons that we have explained before, some top-level programmers have decided to stop being containers to create their own blockchain startup, others can no longer stand the pressure… Options are not the few to decide to abandon this role. >