The free channel Warner TV arrives in Spain, these are the options to watch it

The free channel Warner TV arrives in Spain, these are the options to watch it
the free channel warner tv arrives in spain, these are

Today is the day that the channel Warner TV begins its broadcasts in Spain as a substitute for TNT (which has given many a good time). The fact is that this new option lands in our country on a good number of platforms and, of course, you surely want to know if the one you have is among them. we tell you all the options that exist to be able to access your catalog It offers that, it must be said, it is excellent.

The truth is Warner is at an important moment for its future, since we must not forget that its HBO Max streaming service officially has another name (and prices, which is also important) due to its merger with Discovery. We are talking about ‘Max’, which will land in Spain next year, as confirmed.

Where can you watch Warner TV in Spain

There are many options in which broadcasts are a reality, such as the television services that exist on operators such as Movistar+ or Vodafone. But there is more, since you can also enjoy your series and movies in options like Tivify. This is the full list:

  • Orange TV on Dial 22
  • Virgin Telco on Dial 20
  • Movistar+ on Dial 35
  • Vodafone on Dial 30
  • Agile TV on Dial 24
  • Tivify on Dial 16
  • R (Galicia) on Dial 22
  • Euskatel on Dial 9

It’s not bad, and there are none missing where TNT could previously be tuned in. It is expected that with the passage of time Warner TV can be seen on other providers of contents within those that work in our country.

Some excellent content

Those that have been a flag for a long time on TNT are maintained, such as The Big Bang Theory or The Simpsons. And it will not lack new additions such as friendsGhosts or nobody knows anything (yes, the creation where the singer Berto Romero and Buenafuente carry the voices). And to this we must add a good number of films that are classics, such as the sagas of The Lord of the Rings or Harry Potterwithout missing other quality titles such as Pacific Rim the Suicide Squad.

For this first weekend, there are the most striking plans on Warner TV. An example is that on Saturday you can see at 5:50 p.m. the magnificent Wonder Woman with Gal Gadot at the helm. And, on Sunday, at 7:50 p.m., it is broadcast jokerwhere Joaquin Phoenix plays a simply spectacular role.


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