The five functions of Google Maps to find the perfect restaurant

Google Maps integrates some really useful functions in Spain to search for and reserve restaurants to go out for lunch or dinner.


Google Maps has become one of the most important applications. People of all ages use it to know how to get to a place on foot, by car, or by public transportation. But little by little it has been adding many functions, and has positioned itself as a perfect app when going out to eat.

This is because it has a large database of places but also because There are many users who collaborate by leaving information in it. which may be of help to others. In this way, it is possible to know a lot about a place before going, and save yourself some bad experiences.

As usually happens in this type of application, its use is very personal, and some people will use it only to search for certain places in a specific area or to know how to get there, but there are many more possibilities. Google Maps is not a social network, much less a normal one, but it has taken certain characteristics from them that have made it one of those essential apps on mobile.

When you go to a new place, there is often no way to know if a place is more expensive or less except by looking at the menu when you are there. With Google Maps it is possible see the letter in the photos on the fileif a client, or the owner himself, has uploaded them to the platform.

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But even if it’s not like that, most sites have an indication of whether it is more or less expensive indicating it with various euro symbols. Thus, a place with € will be cheaper than one with €€ and this, in turn, cheaper than one with €€€. Next to the symbols, a price range per diner usually appears, although it is somewhat approximate.

Price of a restaurant on Google Maps

In addition to all these functions that have been highlighted, there are many more, such as being able to see the telephone number of the establishment in case you want to reserve by phone, see the website to consult the allergen menu or any specific details, know if it is accessible to users in a wheelchair or not, etc.