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The first Tesla Model X Plaid begin to reach their owners

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Tesla It is experiencing serious supply chain problems that are leading to constant delays. We know the long-awaited Cybertruck electric pickup and Tesla Semi, the motor giant’s powerful trailer, has been delayed. And we cannot forget the S Plaid, another model that will not arrive until 2022. Although it is not all bad news.

More than anything because Its flagship crossover SUV, the Tesla Model X Plaid, is beginning to reach first-time owners. A new electric car that stands out for offering a renewed design to offer a more current appearance.

It stands out especially for its hawk-wing rear doors, an infinite windshield to enjoy the best driving, as well as performance at the level of the best sports cars. Of course, the first models are being shipped to the United States.

The Tesla X Plaid shines with its own light in the first tests

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Model X Plaid is amazing. We made a comparison video showing feature upgrades to a 2020. Check it out. Thank you #elonmusk.

As you can see in the Twitter message published by one of the lucky clients who just receive a Tesla Model X Plaid, the company founded by Elon Musk is beginning to deliver the first units of a vehicle that offers surprising performance.

Regarding Features of this Tesla Model X Plaid, We are talking about a high-end model that, to begin with, reaches 262 kilometers per hour, in addition to offering a range of 536 kilometers, and space for 7 adults to travel very comfortably.

And beware, this beast is the fastest SUV in the world, thanks to its impressive power capable of going from 0 to 100 kilometers per hour in just 2.6 seconds. Without a doubt, one of the reasons why the first analyzes of this Tesla electric car are being so positive.

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Regarding his arrival in Europe, and therefore in Spain, we fear that he will have to be quite patient. The electric motor giant is having serious production problems due to the pandemic that is hitting the entire globe and is causing serious delays in the supply chain.

And Tesla recently announced that it would prioritize the American market, as sales of its high-end vehicles in Europe are simply anecdotal. Thus, If you have decided to reserve a Tesla Model X Plaid, we have a lot to do with you that you will have to arm yourself with patience until in 2022 the first units begin to arrive in our country.

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