The first solar car will arrive in 2022, with 1,600 kilometers of autonomy at a groundbreaking price

the first solar car will arrive in 2022, with 1,600 kilometers of autonomy at a groundbreaking price
the first solar car will arrive in 2022, with 1,600 kilometers of autonomy at a groundbreaking price

It is not the first time that we have talked about solar car prototypes that promise unprecedented autonomy to become the future of the sector. But finally the vehicles shown were just that, prototypes. Although Aptera Motors could change things,

We are talking about an American manufacturer that has already managed to raise the money it needed to start mass-producing its first solar car. And we will have to keep a close eye on this solar car, since Aptera’s electric vehicle promises a lot.

To begin with, the company has announced that this vehicle will have a price that will start from $25,900a very attractive figure for a solar car that surprises with its impressive range of 1,600 kilometers with a single recharge. Also, if you leave the car parked in the sun, its solar cells will take care of recharging the battery.

Aptera, this will be the solar car that will arrive at the end of the year

To say that this project has been underway for many years, but Aptera Engine I hadn’t gotten enough money. Now, in his latest round of financing, he has obtained the investment of 40 million that he needed to be able to meet his goal of starting to produce this solar car.

We are talking about a two-seater that already has 22,000 firm reservations, natural thing, on the other hand, seeing the features offered by this electric car with solar panels. The reason for its success? To begin with, this two-seater of more than four meters achieves a wind resistance coefficient of 0.13, which allows it to increase its autonomy significantly.

And this is where the success of the Aptera solar car lies: its cost per kilometer ratio is unbeatable. With a futuristic-looking design, Aptera’s new solar car comes in two versions.

A first model with a front-wheel drive 136 hp electric motor, or combined with motors on each axle to offer total traction of 204 CV. Depending on the model chosen, you can enjoy a battery that offers a range of 402 kilometers (25 kWh), 644 kilometers (40 kWh), 966 kilometers (60 kWh) or 1,600 kilometers (100 kWh).

To this must be added the solar panels that the vehicle has and that can be recharged leaving the vehicle parked to enjoy an extra autonomy of between 26 and 64 kilometers, which can get you out of more than one hurry.

How much will Aptera’s solar car cost?

To say that the Aptera will start hitting customers by the end of the year, starting from a price of 25,900 dollars for the model with 402 kilometers of autonomywhile the most complete version is priced at $48,300 and is the one that offers 204 hp and 1,600 kilometers of autonomy.

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