The first OnePlus tablet is now official and comes with an incredible screen

The first OnePlus tablet is now official and comes with an incredible screen
the first oneplus tablet is now official and comes with

The first OnePlus tablet is now official and comes with an incredible screen

At last, the OnePlus’ first tablet is a reality. After much speculation, the device has been announced while the dates and prices of the company’s new high-end phone in Europe were known. The fact is that the firm is making its debut in a market with increasing competition and, how could it be otherwise, there are surprises.

Made with an alloy aluminum and with a slight bulge in the back, supposedly to favor ergonomics (but allows a thickness of only 6.5 inches), it should be noted in what has to do with the design that the device has very soft corners and the module of the rear camera is fully centered -this is 13MP, while the front one is eight megapixels-. This makes it different from the rest of the options on the market and we will have to see if it favors taking photos more comfortably with the OnePlus Pad.

On the other hand, the screen is one of the surprises in this tablet. The integrated LCD panel is 11.61 inches and has a frequency of 144hz. In other words, it is the best on the market, since its resolution amounts to 2,800 x 2,000 pixels, reaches 500 nits and, in addition, it is compatible with Dolby Vision. But there is a detail that is most striking in this component with an aspect ratio of 7:5: it offers 2.5D side bend, something that we had not seen in a tablet in such a pronounced way to date. We will see if the effect on use is positive or not, but in usability this is usually not the best of ideas.

Rear camera of the OnePlus Pad tablet

The OnePlus tablet does not lack power

There are two main reasons for this. to start the Integrated RAM can go up to 12GB, so it is much more than what was initially expected and allows it to compete without problems with the best tablets on the market, whether they are Android or not. In addition, it has a processor MediaTek Dimensity 900 It offers very high power combined with excellent energy efficiency, making it a choice that must be rated as outstanding. The combination of the two components means that you should expect the best from the OnePlus Pad.

If autonomy is something vital in this type of product, OnePlus has also resolved this section with a note. The integrated battery reaches 9,510mAh, a brutal brand thinking about the thickness of the equipment that is very low. Also has 67W fast charge, which allows you to go from zero to 100 in less than an hour and a half. Therefore, it is ideal for all kinds of uses, including professional because there is a keyboard case that fits perfectly for this type of task (and, also, there is a stylus for freehand writing as an accessory).

OnePlus Pad with case and stylus

Some more details that have been known in the presentation

With very good connectivity, where there is no lack of USB type C and WiFi 6it should be noted that this OnePlus tablet comes with a refined sound that is Dolby Atmos-compatible and that detects the place where the user is to adjust the playback, something that could be beneficial when watching movies and even playing games.

For now, as Google did in its day with its Pixel tablet, the company has not confirmed the exact day the OnePlus Pad will be released and, perhaps more importantly, the price it will have. Therefore, we will have to wait to know this detail that is not exactly minor.


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