The first images of the Xiaomi Smart Band 8 show a surprise on the strap

The first images of the Xiaomi Smart Band 8 show a surprise on the strap
the first images of the xiaomi smart band 8 show

It is becoming increasingly clear that the new bracelet Xiaomi Smart Band 8 It’s very close to being official. An example of what we say is that it has been leaked that it has achieved certification in the entity corresponding to Korea. This means that the Chinese company is already in this development phase, which is the final one. In addition, in that place it has been possible to see an image of the wearable accessory, and there is surprise on the leash.

The truth is that, more or less, the times are being met for this Xiaomi device to be announced at some point in the spring, which is what is expected at first. And according to the information that has become known, everyone points out that there will be a quite considerable increase in the dimensions of the screen, which will be greater than one inch (keeping the panel type in AMOLED). This will cause a change to the belts to be executed which is quite significant.

How will the straps of the Xiaomi Smart Band 8 be?

Well, from what has been seen in the images, these will not be in one piece with a space in which the element that includes the hardware, sensors and screen fits. The lacing method will be changed so that the straps are divided into two parts. That is to say, similar to the one used in smart watches. For this reason, there will be two spaces at each end where the new anchoring system would fit. This means, among other things, that spare parts from previous generations will not be compatible.

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A rather radical change and for the first time the straps are modified in this Xiaomi smartband. Obviously, this will not affect that you can find spare parts with different types of materials (such as leather or fabric). In principle, this should not affect what has to do with the comfort of use, since this chosen system has been demonstrating for a long time that there is no problem in this regard (and, perhaps, it is something more effective both in closing security as in the adjustment on the wrist).


Other things to expect in the new bracelet

Apart from the increase in the dimensions of the screen and the change in the type of core, everything indicates that they will be included new sensors in the Xiaomi Smart Band 8 that will allow the data acquired from daily exercise to be more precise. And besides, it is also possible that the nfc be a reality in all the models that are launched on the market to finally make mobile payments anywhere in the world.