The Fire TV Sticks have a new remote control: this is all you can do


Voice control with Alexa Pro

Amazon continues to bet on being the center of our smart home through Alexa And as little by little it develops new possibilities, it also puts some renewed accessories on sale, so that you have the latest of the latest whenever you want without having to buy a new Fire TV out of obligation.

On this occasion, it puts on sale in Spain the new voice command with Alexa Prowhich comes to replace the previous model that was sold until now and has multiple features and almost complete compatibility with Fire TV devices.

New Alexa Pro remote for Fire TV

Broadly speaking, the new voice control with Alexa Pro that is characterized by its search function for the remote, customizable buttons and its backlight. This new remote is compatible with most Fire TV players (Fire TV Cube 2nd and 3rd generation, Fire TV Stick 4K Max, Fire TV Stick 4K, Fire TV Stick 3rd and 2nd generation and Fire TV Stick Lite) and TVs with Fire TV built-in.

However, it is not compatible with the first and second generation Fire TV or the first generation Fire TV Stick. Keep this in mind before your purchase, as you could not take advantage of its functions. This new control device is on sale today in Spain and can be purchased at a recommended retail price of 39.99 euros.

Alexa Pro Voice Remote Alexa Pro Voice Remote Alexa Pro Voice Remote Alexa Pro Voice Remote Alexa Pro Voice Remote Alexa Pro Voice Remote Alexa Pro Voice Remote Alexa Pro Voice Remote

Alexa Pro Voice Remote

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The range of the remote is up to 10 m and must be connected to a powered Fire TV device. Count with one dedicated button for headphones for quick access to the on-screen Bluetooth menu and connecting your wireless headphones in no time.

Find the knob and backlight

If you are wondering why you should renew your Fire TV remote for this new model, there are some features that will undoubtedly add a new degree of comfort when controlling not only your Fire TV or Smart TV, but other home devices. intelligent.

The first is the fact that this new controller has a self search function. We already know that the remote control seems predisposed to getting lost and, instead of having to go round and round looking for where it is, we can simply activate this function and with the voice command “Alexa, find the remote” it will start ringing to make it easier to locate assumption.

Another of the details that most attracts attention in its design is the fact that it includes backlight on its buttons. This is quite useful when we use the remote at night and we don’t have to depend on getting some light from the TV to know which key we want to press. The most interesting thing is that this function is activated only by movement, so that it does not bother meaningless in the twilight.

Speaking of buttons, in addition to two shortcuts to Prime Video and Netflix, it has two fully customizable buttons in which you can assign complete television channels, apps or voice commands to Alexa and enjoy quick access to the options you use the most, such as turning off or dimming a smart light bulb when you want to watch TV in the dark and thus use your the keypad backlight.

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