The FBI is very concerned about TikTok: these are the reasons behind it


FBI TikTok

It is not the first time that, from the United States, they view this social network originating from China with a bad eye. And once again, from the intelligence service of the North American country they consider that, from the Asian country, they could be controlling the users more than necessary, thanks to all the data they collect from the platform.

It has been the director of the FBI himself, Christopher Wray, who has shown his great concern in this regard, since he makes it clear that, from China, the data that they have been collecting from users is used via TikTok as a weapon.

The power of information

One of the most used social networks at the moment, there is no doubt, that it is TikTok. Such is its power that, thanks to simple videos of just a few seconds, anything can go viral, from a song, a dance or even any situation. Well, the problem does not come from there, but from the information it collects from users the social platform.

And precisely this is what it has «Extremely worried» to the director of the FBI. Although, the main drawback is not only in the fact of data collection, but also in how through this, the social network could be manipulating American users. According to Christopher Wray, the millions of data that have been collected by the social network could be used by the application «for influence operations if they wish«, that is, with the combination of the data, the software and the recommendation algorithm of TikTok, they could use it to determine what videos users have to watch to influence them.


Does TikTok follow orders from the Chinese government?

During a hearing in front of the House Homeland Security Committee, the FBI director flatly stated that “according to chinese law«, the different companies of the Asian country have the obligation to do «whatever the Chinese government wants they do in terms of sharing information or serving as a tool” for the country.

So, if we take Wey’s words into account, it lets us see how China could be trying to create a division in public opinion of US users when viewing certain events or issues in the country or the world, although it is unknown if it affects other regions as well.


For this very reason, everything has led to the Biden administration having to continue evaluating the proposal to continue allowing TikTok in the United States, under Chinese ownership Byte Dance Ltd. And it is that, despite having transferred all the traffic from the American users to the servers that Oracle Corp. has, as we were able to learn last June, it is also required that they be able to take care of audit the algorithms used in the app from the social network.

An important detail is that, after the declarations of the director of the FBI, from the directive of TikTok social networkthe truth is that they have not expressed themselves publicly in this regard in the face of all the comments made by the head of the US intelligence service.

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