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The fault that you still do not have fiber, is it your City Council?

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Fiber optic deployment problems Spain

Although in recent years Spain has been one of the first countries to deploy fiber optics, even our country is positioned as one of the regions in the world with greater implantation of the fiber. However, there are still different parts of the Spanish territory where a series of problems must be solved when installing it.

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Many will ask themselves the question: why has fiber not reached my neighbourhood, town or city? Well, despite the fight for access to fiber to reach all corners of Spain, we must bear in mind that there are different regulations in the municipalities of each city that make it difficult to install fiber optics.

The problems to install the fiber

Over time, the fiber network is being deployed in every corner of the country. However, problems can appear at any time, especially in the historic centers of towns and cities. The biggest drawback of all is that the regulations that exist in different locations prevent fiber from being installed in different neighborhoods.

For this reason, although the different Town Councils do their part to be able to reform the different ordinances that prevent the installation of this network, the period needed to achieve it is not short. So it is normal that it takes longer than necessary. And it is that, there are not a few areas that are protected as they are mainly the historic centers of the towns.

fiber optic deployment

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That is why we have been able to witness how an entire city already enjoys fiber optics, while some streets or neighborhoods still did not have the chance to enjoy it. And all to that, due to the protection that exists over the historic centers.

protected areas

It is nothing new that the main difficulty in Spain for the fiber deployment we find it in the historical centers of the localities. Not only financially, since it is much cheaper to expand this network in newly built areas, but also because the hulls are areas that require greater care, a series of specific permits to carry out reforms, especially in those places that are considered World Heritage Sites. Basically, because, for example, it is not possible to install any type of wiring on the facades of buildings in many cases.

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movistar fiber adsl agg

Therefore, it is not the fault of the City Council itself, but because the period for the expansion of the fiber through different areas that have this type of inconvenience has to go through different stages. we have seen it in cities like Toledo, Santiago de Compostela or Granada.

We must be calm because the different government teams are working to achieve modify protection plans that these areas have with the aim of finally providing the necessary infrastructure to these areas and completing the installation of fiber optics. However, the process is not the fastest in the world.

At the moment, there are many neighborhoods in Spain that will have to continue using ADSL, since copper is the only thing they can use. Although, everything should work out before 2025Well, if everything goes as planned by Telefónica, the copper will be turned off.

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