The famous Lunii Story Factory is at a reduced price, but for how long?

the famous lunii story factory is at a reduced price, but for how long
the famous lunii story factory is at a reduced price, but for how long

delight your child by giving him or her the opportunity to choose from more than 24 interactive stories included with the Lunii Story Factory accompanied by its audio headset sold at 89.90 euros instead of 94.90 euros on Amazon. With its audio book, your child can create their own stories and choose the elements that will compose them.

Here’s a very nice way to pass the time. If reading in the car can sometimes make you sick, listening to the Lunii Story Factory solves this problem and allows your child to be patient while listening to beautiful stories that they can create and shape according to their desire of the moment.

Discover another way of telling stories with the Lunii Story Factory

If the promotional price has already been launched for Black Friday 2023  and given the success of the Lunii Story Factory, follow our advice and don’t delay in ordering it and receiving it tomorrow at your home if you are an Amazon member Prime.

This fun and educational gift is now adopted by more than 1.5 million children between 3 and 8 years old. Appreciated for the ability it gives to create your own stories, the Lunii Story Factory is truly scalable since you can add more than 400 audio books with varied content that will help your child fall asleep or learn through books edutainment or adapted quizzes.

To reassure you, the Octave headset has been designed to protect the ears of young people by limiting sound to 85 dB. No fear of seeing your child’s hearing damaged by listening too loudly.

Introduce your child to this Lunii Story Factory as well as My Lunii Studio which allows them to record their own stories or listen to their parents read their favorite story to them. Don’t miss out on this gift sold for only 89.90 euros at Amazon and celebrate Black Friday 2023 in advance!


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