The fall of 3dfx, the video card giant: we talk about it in a special video

Following the publication of the special on 3dfx, today we discuss via a special video available on our YouTube account the fall of the video card giant.

In the video, which you find as always opening, let’s retrace the history of 3DFX: from the birth to the growth of what has been one of the most important brands for the progress of 3D graphics, through its graphics accelerators. A giant though failed to keep up with NVIDIA, despite the announcement of the Vodoo5 6000, a card with 4 VSA100 processors operating in parallel at 166 MHz, each with 32Mb of SDRAM.

As always, however, for all the details of the case and the complete story we refer you to our special text by Patrizio Valeri.

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