The European Union seriously threatens: The TikTok ban!

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If you are one of those people who are addicted to TikTok, perhaps the latest news is going to worry you a little. The most powerful body of the European Union is examining the option of one of the most widely used social networks in the world being banned in all its countries. Alarm bells have gone off as politicians claim that the Asian company is not complying with the legislation of the current Digital Services Act, also known as the DSA. It should be noted that there are about twenty US states in which TikTok has already been banned. And the same happens with countries like Azerbaijan or India. This is how the conflict between TikTok and the EU has occurred A large majority of people do not understand why the EU could ban TikTok in Europe. These users are wondering why the social network is not liked in the Old Continent. The main reason is the aforementioned DSA, the Digital Services Law that came into operation several months ago. The Digital Services Law is a regulation whose purpose is to regulate Internet content. Why has TikTok generated such a stir in the European Union? These are some of the issues that are under review within Europe: Compliance with the aforementioned DSA Data protection The ‘fake news’ If the recent Digital Services Law is not complied with, the regulations punish as follows: Legal punishments Fines Limitation of presence onlineBan All of them are being exposed on TikTok right now. The official notification of the EU to the head of TikTok The ban on TikTok by the European Union has been suggested and projected by the commissioner of the Old Continent, Thierry Breton. In fact, this news was directly reported to the CEO of the social media network, Shou Zi Chew. Asian media revealed that the EU commissioner told Chew that he intends to do “everything possible to safeguard the privacy of the citizens of Europe.” “If necessary, we will ban this app at our borders,” Breton said. In addition to this potential ban notice, Breton and Chew addressed the following topics: Payment policiesTikTok transparencyRussian misinformationUkraine warThe General Data Protection RegulationChild safetyProtocol development >

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