The economic plan but with Netflix advertising will arrive later this year


Netflix is ​​going through a bad time, where not only has it lost 200,000 subscribers in the first fiscal quarter, but it expects to lose two million more before this coming summer, according to estimates by the company.

This situation has been reflected in the loss of values ​​on the Stock Exchange, which has led the company to rethink some strategies, putting on the table aspects such as a cheaper plan but with advertising, just as some of its competitors already have, and pursuing those who share passwords.

Accelerating the necessary changes

At first it was expected that the changes would arrive, at the latest, in two years, as Reed Hastings pointed out last April, but from Netflix they change their minds and already warn internally that these changes will be accelerated to be implemented as soon as possible. throughout this year.

This means that both the cheap but ad-supported plan and the efforts to get those who enjoy the platform at the expense of subscribers to become new subscribers will come much sooner than initially planned.

According to The New York Times, company employees have already received a statement that the economic plan but with advertising will arrive in the last quarter of this year for all subscribers of the platform who wish to opt for it.

Efforts to end the practice of sharing passwords to get new subscribers will also be accelerated, although the exact way in which it will be carried out is currently unknown.

With this, Netflix intends to return to recover subscribers and return to the path of growththe same one that he has enjoyed in periods of pandemic, managing to observe an increase in subscribers.

But the increase in the offer of video on demand means that Netflix has to take action on the matter, as it is affected for the first time by the high level of competition that exists, since users can currently enjoy a multitude of options, both of those that are offered only to subscribers such as those that reach any user even without the need for registration or logins.

Therefore, let us not be surprised that at the end of this year we begin to have a cheaper plan but with advertising, although this is something that we are not used to with Netflix, although we are on Disney + or HBO Max, among other options.

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