The Echo Show 15 are more useful: now they have a Fire TV inside

the smart screen amazon echo show 15 It is a most useful accessory. Due to the large dimensions of its panel, you can use it in a very comfortable way, with all the functionalities that make it a perfect complement in rooms and even the kitchen. Well then, this team is getting a update That increases your options exponentially.

With it, what is done is to install the operating system that is included in the players FireTV from Amazon itself. And this means that you can use the smart screen to watch all kinds of content such as movies and series. You get this in a way free and in a process that only takes a few minutes and is completely stable. Therefore, what the company announced at its event to present new products and functions is fulfilled.

New possibilities coming to the Amazon Echo Show 15

Well, practically all of those that can be used in the media players from Amazon are present. Thus, in this way, you can access the Prime Video catalog to enjoy it on the fifteen inches of this smart device and even those of other platforms such as Netflix (there are even clients for Movistar or Vodafone services). Of course, there is not total freedom to install applications, since the sound ones are not accessible for now, the clearest example is Spotify. But come on, with this update turning the smart screen into a television is completely possible.


Also, using the new options couldn’t be easier. To access Fire TV, simply press a small circle icon with the corresponding logo that is always active on the main screen of the Echo Show 15. It doesn’t bother anything and its response is practically automatic. Once the service is running, everything is completely friendly and recognizable due to the fact that the interface is based on quick access boxes. In what has to do with the operation, we have not detected any delay, so everything is quite fluid.

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Remote control?

By default, this accessory is not included with the Echo Show 15, but it is possible to use the new Alexa Voice Remote from Amazon, synchronization being very simple and fast. If you don’t have it, you can access your purchase directly from the smart screen, which is appreciated. But there is an interesting detail: if you do not want to have a new accessory at home, a element on screen that allows you to manage all the reproductions and, as the panel is tactile, it is a excellent solution. The truth is that this addition is surprisingly effective.