The Division Resurgence shows evolutions in another beta phase | hands-on

 The Division Resurgence shows evolutions in another beta phase |  hands-on
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The Division Resurgence is the mobile game that will bring the famous console franchise to mobile devices, as we’ve been following since our previous preview. Ubisoft Mobile has bet on the game and is carrying out another testing phase, with the regional beta that starts this Monday (13).

To find out what this new experimental stage delivers and if the game maintains the potential it showed earlier, TechSmart tested the title in early access in recent days and tells the details below.

game context

The debut of the franchise on mobile will be canonical, as confirmed by the executive producer of the game, Fabrice Navrez, to TechSmart, in an exclusive interview. The Division Resurgence portrays the post-apocalyptic world caused by an epidemic of a virus that appears on dollar bills, during a Black Friday.

He has his story based on the first wave. The beginning of events precedes the plot presented in the first The Divisionwhile the main points happen between the first and second titles.

The player takes on the role of an agent summoned by the United States, in an attempt to stop the problems resulting from the incident, within New York.

What can you find in The Division Resurgence?

After all, what did we see new in this beta compared to previous tests? A highlight was the graphic part. Previously available in “medium” and “normal” qualities, we are now able to check out the “high” option for skins.

The textures gained a higher quality, as well as the colors and shadows of the scenarios and characters. There was still no availability for the larger options, while the fps rate didn’t go above 30 fps. However, it was possible to run satisfactorily in this option, with a Galaxy S22 Ultra unit.

We didn’t notice so many visual bugs, except for a moment when the shadows of one of the characters were “blinking” and with distorted outlines. At another point, there was another problem that caused the scenario to rotate by itself, with the use of the Razer Kishi joystick.

It is important to point out that failures of this type are common and understandable in experimental stages and must be corrected by the development team, until the final release of the product.

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In terms of gameplay, it’s important to highlight the good adaptation made for mobile devices. Resurgence brings a great experience in the controls touch and in elements specific to mobile, such as the visualization, the loot system for ammo, equipment and weapons, and the shooting mechanics.

We feel the screen is a little “polluted” by the number of buttons, which can confuse the gamer right from the start. But in a short amount of playing time, you can learn where to tap for the action you want.

Image: Rafael Barbosa /

The class system currently has four specialties. You can choose Demolitionist – user of explosives, such as mines and grenades –, Bulwark – expert in survival combat –, Vanguard – focused on tactical skills and coverage – and Field Medic – war veteran for chemical weapons or rescuing teammates.

Each one thinks of a battle style and will have their unique skills, which can be improved as the character gains level. The loot system will still allow you to receive different equipment to complement your build – a mix of RPG mechanics to enhance the experience.

Image: Rafael Barbosa /

Among the game modes, in addition to the original story, as this is an open world, the player can choose to carry out secondary missions or even try the so-called Dark Zone – focused on PvPvE – and Conflict – a pure PvP mode. Other players can recruit more people to reinforce PvE missions, for a team of up to four players.

Final considerations

The Division Resurgence is a true AAA mobile game. It hits the setting of the story, within the context of the franchise, and performs a good adaptation to mobile in its mechanics and visuals.

Highlight for the loot system and specializations, which allow the player to leave his character with the characteristics and qualities he most desires. The graphics at the top give an idea of ​​the high quality that it will reach at launch, even though it is still limited in the frame rate per second.

We need to reveal the bugs found for the time being, such as those mentioned just above, since there will still be more stages in development until the completion of the work.

In general, we can consider that the title will make a good debut of The Division on cell phones and tablets. It remains to wait for more news to come, until the release of the final version later this year.

So, what are your expectations for the release of The Division Resurgence? Comment with us!

*Thanks to Drone Comunicação for granting early access to the game for this hands-on!

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