The discount of 10 euros returns to Amazon: it is that easy to get it


discount 10 euros Amazon

Amazon already has us somewhat accustomed to the fact that, from time to time, it adds new promotions so that we can get some type of discount in particular. For example, in December we could get a discount of up to 15 euros if we used their app for smartphones for the first time. And now come back with 10 euros less for your next purchase.

However, as in all the previous occasions, we have to meet a series of requirements in order to become eligible for said promotion. For this reason, we are going to see what you need to be eligible for the Amazon credit of 10 euros.

10 euros of credit on Amazon

To get started, you have to be an Amazon Prime customer. Once we meet this first point, we will be able to know the rest of the requirements that we have to meet to obtain 10 euro discount on Amazon. And, above all, what do we have to do to get this bonus from the platform.

If you want to get this particular promotion from the store, you will have to use the platform’s unlimited photo storage. To do this, they make it even easier for us and give us three steps:

  • Download the app amazon photos. Either the version for Computer, in the App Store or Google Play.
  • Turn on Auto Save to back up photos.
  • Claim your reward.
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Amazon discount

Of course, it will have to be the first time you use this Amazon service. Otherwise, you will not have the right to request your discount voucher of 10 euros. Also, once you claim the reward, within seven daysyou will have to receive an email in which they will give the credit of 10 euros from Amazon.

Which are the requirements

If you sign in with your Amazon account In this section of their website they will tell you directly if you meet the requirements to claim this reward.

In case of not meeting any of the requirements that the platform requires, the following message will appear: «Sorry, you are not eligible for this offer«. And keep in mind that the offer is valid until January 31, 2023. And, to spend them, you have until February 15, 2023. Now, know the most important requirements:

  • «Offer only applies to customers who received a dedicated email and were shown a banner ad promoting the offer and clicked on the banner ad«.
  • Does not work for Amazon Business Prime members.
  • Only applies to products and digital content that are sold by On the product page you have to indicate “Sold by” or “sold by Amazon Media EU S.à rl”.
  • «To benefit from the offer, it is necessary to place an order for a minimum value of 30 euros. Shipping and additional costs, including for example gift wrapping, do not contribute to reaching the minimum purchase threshold«.
  • Must upload at least one photo to Amazon Photos in order to receive the email with the reward of 10 euros.
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