The design of Google TV will be completely renewed with these news

This Google I/O 2023 has given a lot. The truth is that this edition of the Google developer conference has included a flood of news, so we invite you to go through our summary. AND one of the most interesting surprises has to do with Android TV and Google TV users.

The truth is that Google knows that it has a lot of work ahead of it to achieve its goal: that Android TV disappears and everyone uses Google TV. The Mountain View-based firm has been eliminating the “Android” terminology from its entire ecosystem beyond the mobile operating system itself.

And the next step was for Android TV to adopt the Google TV design language to get users used to it. We know that more and more manufacturers offer their support to this interface for televisions. More, with the new design that Google TV will have very soon.

The new design of Google TV is now official and comes with these news

Mainly because Google has just announced on its official blog the arrival of a new design for Google TV and Android TV. As you can see in the different images that accompany this article, although we recommend you visit the Google website to see the moving GIFs, the new version of its interface for televisions improves in two sections.


Keeping the design of Google TV What makes it so different when betting on a card system, we see that the transitions are now smoother and more visually attractive. On the other hand, and as expected, the new cards take up more space and boast more rounded edges.

Something to be expected on the other hand, since it is clear that the new Google TV interface is based on the Material You design language that we’ve seen in all sorts of apps from the Mountain View-based firm.


As they indicate in their official blog “Subtle focus suggestions that work on phones and tablets may not be optimal for televisions, due to environmental factors such as distance to the screen and contrast ratio. To address this, we have created cards dedicated and inspired by Material3  They bring a big, bold approach to select elements like buttons and cards, designed with accessibility in mind. You can also use these indications for your own custom surfaces.”

They have also announced an API for application developers so that they can adapt the available ones and launch the new apps adapted to this new language design. Regarding the release date of this new design, We will have to wait at least until July, which will be when the new 2023 televisions arrive to see if Sony, Panasonic and Philips already implement this new Google TV interface

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