The definitive versions of GTA III, Vice City and San Andreas come to mobile, again. Now they are free thanks to Netflix

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the definitive versions of gta iii vice city and san.webp.webp.webp

Netflix has set itself the goal of conquering its mobile users through video games. Well, better said based on great games, since this year, between their own productions and versions from other platforms, they have brought a multitude of high-quality games to their platform. ‘Oxenfree 2‘, ‘Laya’s Horizon‘, ‘Dead Cells‘ either ‘Death’s Door‘ are some examples, but next year we will have ‘Hades’, ‘Braid’ or ‘Sonic Mania’.

There are many, many hours of quality in the Netflix game catalog, a catalog to which the three most classic GTAs are added in their ‘Definitive’ version. And it is that, ‘GTA III‘, ‘GTA Vice City‘and the mythical’GTA San Andreas‘they just arrived on Netflix. We tell you what differentiates this game from the originals and how to download them.

The definitive version, now yes, and free

First of all, let’s clear up the mess a little because all of this is quite curious. All three games are PS2 classics which, later, ended up on PC and Xbox. In 2013, mobile versions appeared that were not too… faithful to the originals, at least in the technical section.

They were a prodigy for the terminals of the time, yes, but they had several bugs not present in the originals. All this ended up being fixed, but some time later, the remaster of ‘GTA San Andreas’ for Xbox 360 appeared, not based on the original, but on the mobile version.

AND, In 2021, Grove Street remastered the three legendary GTAs for current consoles, mobile phones and PCs with the last name ‘Definitive Edition’ and based on the code of the mobile versions, again, but with Epic’s Unreal Engine. After a multitude of failures and a launch that was a disaster (why fool us), Rockstar was forced to get involved and correct the game so that it would not continue to tarnish the name of the saga.

We are at the end of 2023 and These versions (already with many coats of sheet metal and paint to correct defects) are the ones that reach both iOS and Android. They do not replace the originals, which are still in the stores of both systems, and the good news is that… if you have Netflix, you have these three GTAs for free.

As? Very simple and you can download them in two different ways. The first is by going to the App Store or Play Store and searching for “GTA Netflix.” All three games will appear and you can simply select which one to download. The second is by going to the Netflix app, to the video game tab and selecting each of the games.

We already warned you that, if you are interested in all three, but especially ‘San Andreas’, prepare space on your device because the download size is considerable:

  • ‘GTA III’ – 1.76 GB
  • ‘GTA Vice City’ – 4.1 GB
  • ‘GTA San Andreas’ – 8.5 GB


Experience the epic open-world adventure that started it all, updated for a new generation with across-the-board improvements to every level.

GTA: Vice City – NETFLIX

Enjoy the genre-defining classic, updated for a new generation with across-the-board improvements at every level.

GTA: San Andreas – NETFLIX

Enjoy the best-selling classic, updated for a new generation with general improvements at all levels.

All three games can be enjoyed with on-screen controls or controllers and it is always a good excuse to return to the mythical cities of these classics. There are no others like the originals, but the truth is that Rockstar has ended up leaving them quite well.

And the best thing is that, that In the Store there are two versions of these ‘GTA Definitive Edition’: those that cost 20 euros per game or these that are exactly the same, but free for Netflix members. If this is your case, don’t think about it and give it a chance.

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